• USB built into devices allows for all captured data to be downloaded!!
  • Smartphone App for fans!!
  • Can be programmed to suit ANY sport!!

PressBox Innovations aims to modernize the sports we love. Gone are the days keeping score by pen and paper. The SPINTSO Pocket PressBox has arrived!!!!!

It's time to integrate existing technology into our games. No more confusion, discrepancy! Complete accountability for the sports we so heavily invest time, money, and effort. We greatly enhance the quality of your game while being able to capture comprehensive data! Modernize your league today!

American Football Watch / ALL SPORTS Watch Worn By Referee Crew and Opposing Coaches

  • Synchronized Display of Game Clock, Play Clock, Score, Timeouts, Penalties
  • Only Referee Crew Can Control Device
  • Coaches Wear Devices in a View Only Access
  • Vibration Notifies of Clock Expiration
  • Sound Recording with USB Download for Storage

Introducing The SPINTSO Pocket PressBox

  • Coaches always have a direct, live view of the referee's watch, specifically designed for American Football, displaying all necessary game critical info.
  • Referee crew can operate in a synchronized manner instead of using 5 different stopwatches. Enter all data digitally and send to league in a report!
  • Sound recording to deter verbal abuse!

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SPINTSO Pocket PressBox - American Football Version

 PressBoxInnovations LLC aims to modernize American Football by introducing the SPINTSO Pocket PressBox. The system is designed to synchronize up to 5 devices for use in a football game by referee crew, opposing coaches, and even fans! The devices are wearable and utilize Bluetooth technology to stay connected. Devices are operated by referee crew and provide view only access of play clock, game clock, score, timeouts remaining, and much, much more to opposing coaches and fans. The devices vibrate at warnings before halftime and end of game or can vibrate notify referee's device for attention. The devices record sound throughout entire game to deter verbal abuse or necessary uses. The SPINTSO Pocket PressBox is field tested and being used in youth games in Colorado. Please visit Press Box Innovations on Facebook:


We are very proud of our latest coach and referee testimonials! Coming soon is our app which will allow fans a view only access of the SPINTSO Pocket PressBox. You will see live results from your smart device!